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Datejust II

December 6, 2011

The Datejust II happens to be the first watch set released with the clone movement. Clone movement are taking over the industry, and the watches manufactured with them are the closet thing you can get to an authentic Datejust II. Clone movement watches are manufactured by hand in Switzerland. Swiss jewelers use the same molds and equipment that Rolex uses to manufacture clone movements like the 3135 used in the Datejust II. All watches are also shipped with authentic Rolex box sets. Each box set contains both the inner and outer box, a watch mount, certificate of authenticity, Datejust II booklet, and tags.

The Datejust II contains 904L stainless steel and solid 18k gold. Refer to our photo gallery below to see more examples of our watches.
Datejust II watches contain 100% exact markings when compared to an authentic model.
The housing and construction on the watch are precise, they contain accurate markings, serial numbers, and laser engravings.

The weight of these watches is identical to that of an authentic Datejust II.The dials are pristine, and bands are thicker and heavier than a Swiss Grade 1.The oyster band is fitted for the 41mm case housing and also contains the updated clasp. Not all styles are available in clone movement, these watches are available in limited supply only.
The Datejust II is the perfect replica!

Blue Dial
Bar Markers
SS Oyster Band
3156 Clone Movement


Black Dial

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